Tuesday, March 23, 2010



*image via the purl bee

*I've decided this Easter is going to be candy-free. My kids aren't super interested in the crappy Easter candy anyway. I'm going to make these jelly bean bags during new episodes of "Lost". And since I'm buying all this felt, I might as well squeeze these in too.

*I've been reading this book, and found these "happy tickets" as a reward system. Works like a charm and seriously, how cute are they?


*image via ambrosiagirl

*Did you watch Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution? I might have watched it, gone shopping and now have an entire fridge of green things. Bok choy, anyone? Find more of his recipes here.

*Kate's favorite toy yesterday? An egg. The day before that? A red pepper. I really just think she is the funniest little thing ever.


*I took pictures of a friend's baby last weekend. I don't want another baby.....but I really wish she would have thrown up on me just to seal the deal. And not smelled quite as good.


*passed out in between poses.

Monday, March 22, 2010


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