Tuesday, December 29, 2009

If I die, direct Blake to the freezer.

I've been obsessed with freezing things lately.

I think it started with burritos. Did you know you can make your own frozen burritos? I hate normal frozen burritos (leads back to my hatred of lame cheese and beans. Beans. Gag.) I'll link the good stuff--I don't think you guys care about my frozen flax seed muffin recipe.

Frozen burrito ideas here and here.
Frozen cookie/cookie dough here.
Frozen homemade french fries here.
Frozen meal ideas here.

*Ooooh, if you make burritos, use this Mexican rice recipe. It's amazing. Or use this crock pot chicken recipe.

Freeze on, friends.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Behold, The Funniest Picture Of All Time.

Yes, that is Blake getting hit in the nuts by Colin's elbow.

Yes, he's probably going to kill me for posting this.

Yes, I've snorted every time I see this.


*Photo Credit: Deann B Photography (mostly because I begged her for this picture)

Rain Gutter Shelves

My rain gutter shelves turned out awesome. Blake thought it was super weird that they weren't made out of wood. Or something that is designed to go on the inside of your house. Whatever.


We did them in Colin's room too. Just imagine this shelf, but filled with Star Wars books. They rule.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

hot and not.

Hot. I made homemade granola using this recipe (What? Guys think making granola is hot. Haven't you heard the expression "Check out that girls granola making skills in that dress?")


Not. I got too interested reading Jane Austen playing the Wii, that it burned. Doesn't look to bad--taste like burnt wood chips.

Hot. I swear to you the entire Internet in on sale right now. Glittery (can you be glittery on the Internet?) sale signs. Buy this!

Not. I'm broke.

Hot. My family could so kick your family's ass.


*Photo credit: Deann B Photography

Hot. I would like to have her hair (not the roots, just the bottom part)


Hot. I have just hit the motherload for Christmas inspiration.



*Photo credit: Someone who is not me.

Not. Christmas is over (have you heard?) Internet, remind me next year.

Hot. Blake is building these for me today.

Not. After his nap.

What are your Hot and Nots?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009

"That's What She Said"

Check out some of our family pictures at our fabulous photographers blog!


Deann B Photography Blog

Tell me what you think--although I'm holding strong at "AWESOME!"

PS If you are in San Diego and want aweeeeeesome pictures, look her up. Yeah, I'm talking to YOU!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Did you know?

Did you know that if you are six years old and wish hard enough, it (sort of) snows in Hawaii?



Did you know that we leave for our Washington vacation in 33 days?

Did you know Kate has never ever been colder than 65 degrees?

Did you know that Colin says everything is "boring"?


Did you know that if you squeeze your eyes tight enough to pretend to be taking a nap, moms are always fooled?


Did you know that Blake is coming home from Japan tomorrow?

Did you know I'm probably going to jump him in the airport?

Did you know every time I think about Colin's freckles I have to kiss them?


Did you know this is Kate's favorite book?


Well? Did you?


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