Monday, December 7, 2009

Did you know?

Did you know that if you are six years old and wish hard enough, it (sort of) snows in Hawaii?



Did you know that we leave for our Washington vacation in 33 days?

Did you know Kate has never ever been colder than 65 degrees?

Did you know that Colin says everything is "boring"?


Did you know that if you squeeze your eyes tight enough to pretend to be taking a nap, moms are always fooled?


Did you know that Blake is coming home from Japan tomorrow?

Did you know I'm probably going to jump him in the airport?

Did you know every time I think about Colin's freckles I have to kiss them?


Did you know this is Kate's favorite book?


Well? Did you?


Hope said...

Wait a minute, Colin is already a teenager?! And your kitchen has OBVIOUSLY triggered Arizona's blizzard alert! I think I am just going to blame you for anything/everything I want. So THERE!! ;-)

Monique said...

Actually no. Except for the Airport part. That was a given.

Brandi said...

I know that in 38 days you'll be in North Carolina, hanging with ME. I don't think the house can hold all the awesomeness that will be there.

Beth said...

I was going to make snow like that for our house... but then I remembered I now live in the mountains (literally in the mountains) and whats the point of snow inside when its all over the place??
And I hope you do jump Blake! yay!

Des said...

yay for homecoming nights...hmm the airport could be exciting! I didn't know those amazing things, but I think they are just that AMAZING! I don't even recognize Colin...where did that tall toddler go that loved the sing the wiggles songs? Somehow reading your blog brightens my day.

Sharon said...

How fun to go to Washington. Ok, why not come to san diego, I think I may skip out on christmas cards this year the pictures where horrible!!!! that was fun to read, you don't blog enough anymore :(

Lisa said...

No, and I'm glad I do now.

Ariella said...

Washington? as in DC?
Love the snow, the pics of kids (wait, 6? You're talking about Colin, right?) Des, I'm with you. What happened to the Wiggles? That pic of Kate trying to sleep makes me laugh.
Homecoming, yay! Those are good times.


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