Tuesday, December 29, 2009

If I die, direct Blake to the freezer.

I've been obsessed with freezing things lately.

I think it started with burritos. Did you know you can make your own frozen burritos? I hate normal frozen burritos (leads back to my hatred of lame cheese and beans. Beans. Gag.) I'll link the good stuff--I don't think you guys care about my frozen flax seed muffin recipe.

Frozen burrito ideas here and here.
Frozen cookie/cookie dough here.
Frozen homemade french fries here.
Frozen meal ideas here.

*Ooooh, if you make burritos, use this Mexican rice recipe. It's amazing. Or use this crock pot chicken recipe.

Freeze on, friends.


Hope said...

Wow - how long can the kids and I live on the contents of your freezer, and when can I come over to begin?

Lisa said...

We bought a chest freezer a couple months ago, and keep it in the garage. It has really changed the way I shop. Yay for freezing stuff!

Annalisa said...

lol. yah. i think you'd probably have to direct my hubby to the car, so he can drive himself to get food. i don't freeze things. i should probably try something like that.


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