Saturday, December 26, 2009

hot and not.

Hot. I made homemade granola using this recipe (What? Guys think making granola is hot. Haven't you heard the expression "Check out that girls granola making skills in that dress?")


Not. I got too interested reading Jane Austen playing the Wii, that it burned. Doesn't look to bad--taste like burnt wood chips.

Hot. I swear to you the entire Internet in on sale right now. Glittery (can you be glittery on the Internet?) sale signs. Buy this!

Not. I'm broke.

Hot. My family could so kick your family's ass.


*Photo credit: Deann B Photography

Hot. I would like to have her hair (not the roots, just the bottom part)


Hot. I have just hit the motherload for Christmas inspiration.



*Photo credit: Someone who is not me.

Not. Christmas is over (have you heard?) Internet, remind me next year.

Hot. Blake is building these for me today.

Not. After his nap.

What are your Hot and Nots?


Hope said...

My goodness, you are quite vivacious this evening. Love the bookshelves - but I always thought they were simply crown molding. Rain gutters do make more sense.

On my blog, I will need to list what is hot and what is not!

Brandi said...

Umm, guess who's going to be buying a bunch of rain gutters on Monday? That's genius!

Maybe this is TMI, but I'm totally thinking it'd be great in the bathroom.

And if I had an empty wall in my kitchen I'd put one up for cook books. Unfortunately all my kitchen walls have cabinets. I mean that's good, but I want to display (and therefore more frequently use) my cookbooks.

Oh, and don't you dare do anything like that to your hair. You may want her hair, but everyone else wants YOUR hair.

Harmony said...

Mom--can't wait for your Hot and Not list!

Brandi--these ARE awesome! The only thing is the little clippie thing that helps your attach your rain gutter to the wall is not the cutest. We did these for the kids rooms and I'm happy with them there. Although I kind of wish I would have thought of them for cookbooks (and had a free wall in my kitchen!) Let me see if you do them!

And now my comment is longer than my actual blog post. Thanks a lot Brandi.


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