Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mayor of Randomtown

I think it's time for another blog post. Do you ever go to a favorite blog and think, "Aw, man, she hasn't posted anything new yet?" I do that sometimes with this blog, and then I remember--you know--that it's mine. You know what's coming next. Bullets!

  • Was your Christmas exhausting? Our was one big ball of presents and cooking. With ham. And carrots. And pie. And rolls. Mmmmm…..Wait. Where was I?

  • Thank you again for all your maternity picture suggestions. They completely came in handy. The husband even teased me that he thought I'd make his wife strip down--and I totally thought of you guys!


Yeah, she's pregnant. And teeny-tiny. I might have to kill her.

  • I got to photograph a little lady who played baby Aaron on LOST. Did you know they have more than one baby playing Aaron on LOST? Next thing you'll tell me is that Sawyer isn't a real person. Why would you hurt me like that?


  • Isn't this little girl so cute too? I could have eaten her legs for lunch. See, now I'm thinking about Christmas food again. This has to stop.


  • So now it's New Years resolution time. What are yours? Do you ever stick to them until the end of the year? Give me pointers, people.

  • Hee, hee. People--this is just a ROBE. Say it with me. R.O.B.E. Also, you kind of look like a cult member.

Okay, that's it for now. Harmony... out.


Monique said...

It is a robe! And I bet you are just paying for the light. Did you get it? And that girl is BARELY prego. geesh. Adorable babies. I have been pretty frustrated that I don't have Dylan's 1 year photos or Maleia's 3 year photos... sigh.

Lisa said...

That 'Snuggie' looks like something your mom would like to use. Although I could buy them for us to use as Halloween costumes- I always thought it'd be cool if we dressed as 'monks'.

Marianne said...

HAAAAAAAAA That's what I keep saying!! It's a robe. I have one. It's light blue and Mel bought it for me a couple of years ago for christmas. I wear it all the time. It's warm and I even snuggle up with my kids sometimes just like the crazy person in the commercial. Who are you fooling?

Beth said...

I know you really really want to come to NC to take photos of us....
or maybe I'll trick TJ into getting on a plane for Hawaii.. hmm.
I freaking love your pictures.

Brandi said...

Ummm...I totally bought my husband a Snuggie for Christmas. For real.
I'd say it's more like a backwards robe.

He likes it because he can stay warm while playing Wii.

(But yeah, O.K., pretty much a thick fleece robe. But it came with a free reading light AND a free Snuggie for me!)

Harmony said...

Monique--Totally a robe! Can you believe that woman is delivering her baby TOMORROW? She was like 36 weeks here. Insane!

Lisa--Monks!?? Awesome!

Beth--Come to Hawaii! NOW!!! I can't come to NC--too close to the dreaded in-laws! ;-)

Brandi--You're dead to me. You and your Snuggie. Although I did forget about the free book light. Hmmm....

Hope said...

See how much we all missed you? Post one blog,, and two hours later, we are all jumping up and down and screaming.

Love ya.

Unknown said...

Awesome new pictures! I think the snuggie needs mittens as part of the deal and then maybe I'd use it. A regular blanket does the trick other than warming up cold hands while typing. Okay so even with the mittens I probably still wouldn't order one (mostly because I have yet to order from an infomercial-okay so not really true, remember "Pure Moods" the CD in the 90s with relaxing music like Enigma, yeah I ordered that).

As for the cropped jacked on my's from Kohl's. Here's a link: It's on sale - $30!

Erin said...

Step away from the Snuggie...

Annette said...

Just make sure to put your robe on BACKWARDS to be an official Snuggie.

Harmony, I just watched Asian Backstreet Boys...loved it!!! What a great way to ring in the new year.

Sarah said...

I know I was -screaming, that is. But not so much because you posted. It was more because I was so excited about the snuggies. I couldn't get my order in fast enough.

Crystal said...

first aaron is a girl?! Lie to me! I suppose you're going to tell me that Jack isn't a doctor and Desmond isn't sexy...oh wait...that's not possible.

Leslie said...

Too funny....that snuggie commercial gets me every time. Mostly freakie and part funny. Definitely cult member.


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