Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Love Letters

Dear Blake,

Happy Anniversary! We've had nine years, five (almost six!) moves, two kids.....oh, and one time where you got stuck in those branches by Blockbuster and I laughed so hard I almost died. You are funny and kind and really good in bed (see? I've finally blogged about it!) Remember: nine years = GRAPEFRUIT! I love you!

Dear Drivers on the H-1,

Thank goodness you slowed down to cause a mile-long traffic jam while passing by the small fender bender that had clearly happened a while earlier and was all the way off to the side of the road. Otherwise we all would have just driven right by without issue. Phew, that was a close one.

Dear pirates,

Seriously? Pirates? That's your chosen vocation? What year is it? Also I thought you guys were hot and brilliant and quirky and, despite initial appearances, ultimately good and loyal men on the inside--you know, like Jack Sparrow. No?

Dear LOST friends,

Holy crap, I keep forgetting to blog about LOST. But then I feel like a loser blogging about LOST. Thoughts? P.S. Sawyer just had a new baby girl in real life. I'm sure she is really ugly, and that he does not look hot fawning all over her.


Emily said...

I totally read about Sawyer's baby in People magazine and thought of you. Seriously. Hate to admit it, but I"m going to skip lost tonight and hurry and sleep....babies...They suck all the fun out of everything:) Congratulations on 9 years!

Hope said...

First time ever - I fell asleep during LOST and missed the first half hour. Driving seven hours up to Phoenix and back does that to me.

Happy Anniversary!

Jen said...

Grapefruit? Is that a breast enhancement reference? Happy 9th Anniversary, Blake- boooobs!!!

We have this random group of men around here that dress up like pirates and do parades. (I'm not really sure why, come to think of it.)
Anyways, they used to be all manly and pirate-y and swashbuckle-y, but since Pirates of the Caribbean came out they've turned into a bunch of simpering idiots that prance down the street during the parades and speak in really bad fake english accents. It's quite disturbing. (hey! that was a totally pointless story!)


Harmony said...

Emily--TOTALLY understandable with a new baby!

Jen--Your version sounds way more exciting! I bought Blake grapefruits at Costco today and said that was his present. I'm sure he would have liked boobs better. BOOOOOOOBSSSS!

Brandi said...

I just wanted to get in on saying booooooobs!!!!

Don't tell anyone from my ward, O.K.? And happy anniversary.

Ariella said...

Lost was awesome!!! It just keeps getting better. I can't wait for the Dharma smackdown. Woohoo. Which side will you be on?

Happy Anniversary!

Marianne said...


Grapefruits are good for anniversary presents. Wait until the 10th anniversary. Maybe you'll be 'lucky' enough to get what I got. A BABY!!

Too bad I can't exchange it for some grapefruits.

Brandi said...

This was my 10th Anniversary: My husband was in Iraq and I woke up that morning to find the diamond missing from my engagement ring.

I spent my 11th anniversary away from my husband at my grandmother's funeral (which was oddly fun--not that she was dead--but my family knows how to throw a party even if it's a funeral).

My 12th is in 2 months, so we'll see if there's any improvement over the last 2.

Crystal said...

Late to this post...Happy Anniversary!

And don't tell me about Lost, I won't get to watch it until Sunday. But you know no baby will keep me from watching Lost. Bahaha! Ya know I was mad I missed the last 10 minutes 2 eps ago because I was getting an epidural. It was a tough decision: epi vs Lost.

Brandi said...

I would have picked Lost.

Unknown said...

My love letter to you...

Dear Harmony,

Thank you for continuously publishing a blog that makes me laugh out loud every time I read it. You vocalize everything we wish to say and in such a funny way. I'm not quite sure if anyone has summed up the pirate situation more thoroughly or thoughtfully than you have.



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