Friday, January 29, 2010

Vacation Pictures: North Carolina

After Seattle, Jen I went to Bad Girls Weekend. That alone deserves it's own post (coming soon) It was (as has been recounted on MANY other blogs) AMAZING!



And, oh the babies! So many chubby, gurgling six-month old babies. I might have gone a little baby crazy if I hadn't been puked on several times. Instant birth control.


We visited a house there called WhaleHead Club. Some crazy duck-shooting woman and her husband lived here. Together they were rich and shot and skinned ducks. Somehow I think the tour guide there wanted us to get more out of it. We did sneak off into several dark spots during the tour--which just ended up being basements.


More coming soon!


Beth said...

These are gorgeous! They actually make me MISS North Carolina. Camp Lejeune is nothing like that though. I love your photo skillz... and can't wait to join a BGW

Hope said...

Love the photos!

Anonymous said...

some nice photos you got there. you should share some of them on

Jen said...

You should totally share your nice photos on

Get on that immediately, would you?

Anonymous said...

nice, i just brought even more bran-new emo backgrounds at my blog

AMIT said...

So hope that you have enjoyed the vacation with fun.

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