Tuesday, March 23, 2010



*image via the purl bee

*I've decided this Easter is going to be candy-free. My kids aren't super interested in the crappy Easter candy anyway. I'm going to make these jelly bean bags during new episodes of "Lost". And since I'm buying all this felt, I might as well squeeze these in too.

*I've been reading this book, and found these "happy tickets" as a reward system. Works like a charm and seriously, how cute are they?


*image via ambrosiagirl

*Did you watch Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution? I might have watched it, gone shopping and now have an entire fridge of green things. Bok choy, anyone? Find more of his recipes here.

*Kate's favorite toy yesterday? An egg. The day before that? A red pepper. I really just think she is the funniest little thing ever.


*I took pictures of a friend's baby last weekend. I don't want another baby.....but I really wish she would have thrown up on me just to seal the deal. And not smelled quite as good.


*passed out in between poses.


Brandon said...

I can feel the creativity oozing out of you all the way from here. And really? You can get away with no candy??? There would be some serious hate mail for the Easter bunny if they didn't get chocolate. from me too.

Brandon said...

Dang it all. This is Monique. bah

Brandi said...

I made bok choy last night. I sauteed it with garlic and ginger and a little sesame oil. It was really good.

Sarah said...

I'm afraid of bok choy. I wouldn't know what to do with it.

And can I just say, "AWWWWWW!!!! GOO!" The jelly beans, bunnies, egg, baby? All toooooo cute. I think I might have o.d.ed on adorableness.

PS- Harmony, check your email. I have a secret mission for you.

This comment will self-destruct in 60 seconds.

Brandi said...

You HAVE to accept Sarah's secret mission and report back to the COT. I had to turn it down because my cover was blown.

Deann B. said...

The only Easter candy I'm getting for myself this year is this: http://www.vosgeschocolate.com/category/Easter. I can't decide between the chocolate bacon egg or the toffee bunny. Also, Kate's choice of toys made me laugh out loud. Your kids are made of awesome.

Anne Katherine said...

I agree your kids are made of awesome I wish Erk could be entertained by an egg....

I'd miss chocolate...but Im probably going to do the same thing....I eat too much of it

Beth said...

It took me forever to read this because if theres a link I must click it. And I can't just look at the one thing and then go back, I have to explore the whole site! So, thanks for that :]
I am watching food revolution on Friday since I missed it on Sunday, but I can't wait. Yep... thats what I look forward to on a Friday night.
Also, I like when you update!

greta said...

about 7 years ago when we lived in England, jamie oliver did a similar school dinners show there. it was incredible the changes he made in england while we were there. i was so excited to see that he had come here trying to do the same thing! although i think he has more work cut out for him here. i've been in love with jamie oliver now for about 11 years. i own all his books and think he's the coolest guy ever. nigella lawson is my other love....

those tickets are awesome. where did you find them again?

that baby is the most precious thing ever! i don't want a baby either but that picture almost did. stop that. :)


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