Tuesday, August 19, 2008



Yikes, is anyone still reading this sad little blog? Tomorrow I'll have something for you faithful ones. Closet Cleanout winners, email me your address at harmony@harmonyjphotography.com so I can send off your winnings. You know I had to throw out the photography email address. Yeah, I'm still a dork.


Monique said...

It is everything BUT sad you little non-dork! I'm loving the pics BTW. As usual.

Unknown said...

You know we're all still reading even if you've had like a 6 day lapse between today and your last post. Slacker!!

Hope said...

Wow, you have more than two readers - I am impressed! And the photo is priceless; you are good enough to wait for (perhaps not patiently, but we wait).

Sharon said...

I can't believe you iron kids shirts, I don't even iron my clothes, ok I take that back, I did iron a skirt Sunday for church that was first in a very long time.

Marianne said...

I guess I have to update my blog now since you finally did yours.

luv ya!!


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