Saturday, April 11, 2009

Someone list a reason why babies stink.

Because seriously? I might have to ban myself from photographing chunky 4 month olds.




Brandi said...

They stink so you won't eat them.

Lisa said...

Because they become TODDLERS.

Seriously? I could eat these pictures up.

Crystal said...

They cry! and poop!

Hope said...

Is there any way to pretend that this is an incredibly homely child, and it is only because of your incredible photography skills that she looks so beautiful?

No, I didn't think so. ;-)

Swint said...

At four months they are getting good, but before that, there's a lot not to like:
1-Irregular sleeping patterns (aka awake at midnight, asleep at noon)
2-They don't sleep through the night
3-Spit-up (for all babies regardless of age)
4-Crying and us trying to figure out why.

That being said, there is more to love about babies, especially from about 4-months on. It is the new-born stage that gets me. But, I will be dealing with it shortly.

Monique said...

You need another one right now!! C'mon! Didn't Brandi's blog motivate you at all? You guys really have only multiplied by 1. ;) Where's my backup, Grandma?

Linds said...

The second picture is amazingly adorable!
Oh those eyes!

They wake you up at night,
they spit-up,
and they take all your time!

But then it's over and you forget how hard it is.
Hence my current situation.

TnT Bingham said...

Your photography is beautiful and you've got seriously cute kids! Wow! Hi to you and Blake from Tiffany and Trevor Bingham.

Sarah said...

Oh Harmony. You don't know how much Steve's gonna hate you for exposing me to those adorable baby pics. I'm already way too baby hungry for his liking.

Marianne said...

they turn three.

Harmony said...

Sarah--just have a baby and we'll share it! We'll be kickin' it Old Testament style! (um, where they shared babies all the time, right? In the non-cutting-them-in-half-a-la-King-Solomon way)Somewhere along the way this comment got really weird. Let's pretend it didn't happen.

Hope said...

I like the idea with you and Sarah - it's another grandchild for me, right?


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