Monday, June 22, 2009


When I think of this blog, I think of a conversation. Sure we're miles apart but I want to hear from you and pretend you're dying to hear from me. When you get out of the habit of blogging, your first post back is like making that awkward phone to an old roommate or friend. So be those friends that just hop back into it, okay?


So our little puppy Max has moved onto another home. There were many issues, one of the main being that Kate turned out to be allergic to him. Let's just say dogs are not in the Jacobson's near future. My kids have done fantastically with it, which might suggest a teeny bit of their non-attachment to the dog. It's a whole thing. Just don't talk to Blake about it.

So, being insane, we tried again with a cat. Ding! Ding! Ding! Cat works great. Cat is terrorized by kids and forced to watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars every morning.


"Seriously, Star Wars again?"

If you have or are getting a furry pet, get one of these. They have them for dogs as well and they are aaaaamazing.



So I'm supposed to be writing this photography tips article. Why? Because I'm a sucker for free things. Here's what I'm thinking every time I go to sit down and write this article.



(dead silence) you guys have any ideas? Any questions about photography? Also, what would you do if you got free stuff out of it?


We have logged some serious pool time. My kids are still always naked, but at least there's a good reason behind it.



There have been many, many epic army men battles. Maybe it's being a girl, but it brings new meaning to the word mind-numbing for me. I try to be a good sport, but how many battle formations is a girl supposed to be able to take?


My guys are the tan ones. They didn't fare so well.


Sarah said...

Neener, you got beat by a 5 year old! (Or is he 6 now?)
I must try that de-shedder thing. Looks awesome. Do they have one for husbands?

Brandi said...

See, NOW you're my best internet friend again. I LOVE cats!!

I know NOTHING about photography. Is your article supposed to be for beginners or people with a little knowledge? Because I want to know how to take a decent picture with a cheap-o camera.

Dasha said...

i would like to know about your black and whites. i'm not sure of the word but they're distinctly black and white, not so much gray, oh contrast. i think that's the word. the contrast between black and white just pops at you. that's what i would like to know. and we will be heading to the pool soon, unfortunately i'm not bathing suit ready nor have i ever been so hopefully nobody comes up to me and says "but i thought you were free, willy."

Hope said...

The first blog is the hardest - and you have DONE it. YIPEE!! We all love it! (

Crash does look like a 60's cat ("Like, wow, man, look at that") - I love it.

And the scientific description used for his type of fur markings is "dirty tabby."

Lindsey said...

Will it still be like an awkward phone call if you hardly know me? Probably.

Um so, when I asked you about Hawaii way back when you failed to tell me that it would be so hot. My kid is always naked too...and I envy her. It should be an accepted practice among adults as well...

As far as the photography...I would love tips on taking pictures inside. I have a great camera, but I only shoot in manual and mine indoor shots are always blue.

Crystal said...

I was just going to send you a msg about the "professional photographer" that took Ainsley's ballet photos did not photo shop my kid some color! I know it was a white background and I know my kid is white, but c' couldn't do something in photoshop to make her not blend into the back ground? :(

Kylene said...

I love to take pictures, but I don't even know what to start asking. Maybe something on getting good baby shots? Because looking back we take ridiculously dumb pictures of our babies. And don't say "clean your house first", or "put make-up on if you're in the shot", I hear that from my family :p
And, sorry the dog didn't work out, but puppies are tough. I am at a point where I wish we had resisted our neighbors' pleas to save them from their puppy and gotten a cat instead. Or better yet, NOTHING. But we've made it 7 years with her already, I'm not about to admit defeat!

Lisa said...

Love that first picture of the cat. Awesome.

With photography, I would like advice on cropping pictures. Is there any general advice on cropping that would give my pictures that look that yours have? Yours are amazing.

Anne Katherine said...

I am dying to hear from you...seriously I get excited when I see you have a new post. Your kids are adorable. Can't believe how big they are...why can't we all just stay little seriously I'm almost 19 and thats too big ok now Ill stop saying seriously...I seriously mean it :]

Monique said...

Photography q: How do you do the fuzzy framed pictures? I like those shots, but I don't know how to do it. Is it a photoshop trick or what?

P.S. Our conversations are NEVER awkward.

Bummer about the dog. The cat looks a little ticked that it didn't work out either.

Harmony said...

You guys--you have NO idea how much I appreciate the photography feedback! I'm totally inspired and will put the final article on here.

(okay, Mo--one question? What fuzzy framed picture??)

Unknown said...

Ah a new post!! Yeah! I love seeing your posts because your pictures always tell so much of the story. They're awesome! I also love that you don't explain or excuse your work. I don't like reading blogs where people will post a picture and be like "oh sorry guys, I didn't get time to photoshop this one" or when they say "this picture is full of bokah and I just love it!". Thanks for not doing that! Although I love to learn about techniques when you explain them.

Emily said...

That wasn't awkward at all! I'm so glad you're back. Since you're not here to photograph my little one, I would love some baby tips!

Linds said...

Here's my photography questions: My camera is getting old (and sad) and so is our computer where I keep all our photos. So what kind of camera and photo editing software to you recommend? I like the HP photo editing software but who knows if that will work on the next computer. Keep in mind 2/3 of my kids don't sit well (one because she has a short attention span and has autism.. and the other because she's a toddler). Do you have any tips for getting non-blurry action shots?

Sad about the dog. We're that way about cats though. It's sad my kids LOVE cats but I'm pretty allergic to them so we'll never have cats.

Sharon said...

Ok, first I have to say I'm sorry you had to get rid of your dog, he was so cute. And I'm not a cat person, so I'm even sorrier. but those are some great pictures of that cat. I'm suprised. she isn't allergic to the cat. I'm allergic to cats but not dogs.


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