Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Dear Sad Readers of this Blog,

I suck. I'm sorry. SiteMeter says there are still a few depressed readers that still stop by this place. I can't imagine why. For you--I apologize. I'll try to get something fantastic up soon.

For now, want to see some vacation* pictures?









*is it still a "vacation" with two old people who only talk about food and have to have constant bathroom breaks? Yeah, ask me the story about the "NO RESTROOMS!!!" lava walk. Yikes.


Monique said...

Youuuuur baaaack! I've been waiting oh so patiently. Awesome writing on the pictures. I think I need a play by play.

Marianne said...

Yesterday, I was thinking to myself: whereisharmony?

everything OK?

Michelle said...

The picture of you with Kate is amazing - you are both gorgeous ladies! Seriously, you need to take up modeling... and definitely include the last picture in your portfolio too. Glad to see you survived vacation & the "no pee" lava walk - that takes mad skills.

Lindsey said...

Hey...I think I am doing this same vacation in November (with the parents) so do spill the beans on the no bathroom lava walk.

Ariella said...

Love your photos! No restroom? Love the Girls gone wild. Nice.

You look gorgeous!

Crystal said...

Let's get to the most important things first. Have you seen Dollhouse?!?! No? Go watch it on hulu, this instant. I'll wait. Now...quick, tell me what you think!

Hope said...

There are obviously more sad and lonely people in the world than anyone thought - I get hits on MY blogs from Europe, Africa and once in a great while even from HAWAII.

Love the photos - you need to post a recording of your in-laws for anyone to believe your stories.

Jen said...

Every time I see a sign that says "no restrooms" I immediately have to pee.

(and don't feel guilty- I'm pretty sure my blog is accruing massive amounts of cobwebs right now.)

Beth said...

best vacation pictures ever! I love your updates :]

Emily said...

Girls gone wild- tee hee. That's funny stuff there. Glad you're back!


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