Sunday, April 3, 2011

Love Letters

Dear April in Colorado,

Are you %*#)@#$ serious? It was EIGHTY-FIVE DEGREES yesterday and it's SNOWING today? I don't want to wear waterproof boots anymore and I WON'T. Don't mess with me, Mother Nature. You will lose every time.

Dear April in Hawaii,

I miss you.


Dear Blake,

Thank you for taking this picture and for encouraging me to make snow angels in my swimsuit and then photographing it. My butt is still cold.

Dear Legs,

Stop being so white.




Unknown said...

Look at how cute you are in your swimsuit.

24 says that he loves you.

Those two statements are not necessarily related.

Brandi said...

My feet are cold just looking at that picture. You're a crazy woman.

It was 90 here today, but I stayed in my pajamas and never left the house. And no, there will be no pictures of that.

Hope Wiltfong said...

Thanks. That photograph makes me proud to say I am your mother (although it raises serious concerns about your upbringing).

ZAC said...

Bah-hahaha! That is TOO MUCH. I'm speeeeeechless, and my teeth are chattering, and I'm pregnant. I was wondering how much you must miss Hawaii's weather...this says it all. You are somethin' else!


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