Monday, July 21, 2008

Closet Cleanout

So I'm going through this massive eBay stage. You know when you want to get rid of EVERYTHING? But I'm quickly getting jaded with the eBaying (somehow I charge too little and end up paying people to take my junk)

I'm spreading a little of the eBay love to the blog. Go here and check out the stuff I'm giving away to my faithful blog readers (you know, both of you) or you randomly lurking people.

Here's the rules:

Be the FIRST to comment on the post that you want and you get it. All you have to do is pay shipping (because I'm nice, but I'm not that nice) At the end of my closet clean out, I'm going to ship them all out. I'm thinking in about two weeks.

I'm just going to be randomly posting so LOOK OUT! Baby, kids, maternity, ladies,'s all gotta GO! (got a little used-car salesman for that one)


Erin said...

I hope you're giving away more than baby clothes, because I can't use any of those!!! :)

The Galan Family said...

Wasn't sure where to comment so I left one on your closet cleanout blog also. Cute stuff.

Jen said...

We are totally on the same freakish wavelength right now. I just dumped off several huge bags of junk off at the goodwill. I cannot stand to have it in my house ONE MORE MINUTE.

Except now the house is in the awful transitional crap phase, where stuff is strewn all over while I decide what to do with it. It never occured to me to start a blog for it. I do, however, love to put things on craigslist with instructions for people just to come pick things up off my porch. Then I spy out the window to see just what kind of crazy people pick up crap from stranger's porches. It's quite entertaining.

Emily said...

D*&$^t- I swore I was your most faithful blog reader! Cute stuff and I'm looking forward to a textures photoshop Friday!


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