Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Weekend In Pictures






So basically, we got a Wii, took a bath, laughed and got dirty all over again. Perfect.


Lucy said...

Another great Hawaian Weekend!

Hope said...

I adore the one of Kate drying her own hair - she actually is preparing to become a NASCAR race driver (wouldn't that make Grandpa Bruce - the other one - ecstatic?).

Jen said...

WII!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!!!

(I think I need that steering wheel thing. It just looks cool)

Des said...

We have had a wii for awhile. But it only comes out when Orange sets it up. Which of coarse you know has not been for awhile. Kort keeps reassuring me he knows how to hook it up. Poor guy, ok you inspired me to be nice and get the thing out. It is pretty dang fun! I am on the hunt for the Wii fit. Ya, I know you shouldn't mix pleasure with pain. But I am curious how the thing really works and if people with different weight really get the same results. But of coarse, HTF. Sounds like a fun weekend. maybe theres a wii game where you can pick up some surfing tips and go catch one of those hawaiian waves:)


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