Friday, December 5, 2008

And the winner is....


Woohoo, it's Brandi! I might have totally saw that one coming--hello Brandi comments! Send me a comment with your email address (I promise I won't publish it)and I'll get your address.

Thank you for all the picture links. My maternity shoot is next Saturday--I'll show you the results (unless they end up being naked results--then you probably won't see those) (well, I'll just send them to Jen and Monique. They love the naked!)

Side note: How awesome is my painting on the picture? Would you believe that was my fourth attempt? Arrows are hard, people!


Lisa said...

That was a cool contest! You should keep having contests . . . at least until I win one, K?

Can't wait to see your maternity shoot!

Monique said...

dang it. I ALWAYS loose. (Don't I sound like a 4 year old?) The nakey ones give me the creeps for some reason. Brandi had the WORST ones even!@!$#@#%$#^#$%

ahem. Out of timeout now. Good job Brandi. (Good thing you can't hear HOW I said it.)


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