Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's My Blog, And I Can Post What I Want..


And today? Well, today it's cheek dimples.



Sharon said...

cute, so I made your dinner I'm curious what how did you take that pictures of your chicken? Mine tasted great but when I dumped everything together it did not look that pretty.

Harmony said...

That picture was taken before all the cooking--all the stuff in there is RAW! I thought it looked nicer that way, so didn't get a picture of it cooked. I'm sure yours was great!

Monique said...

I love those cheek dimples! We have them running around our house too. . . need to capture them on camera as much as poss.

Sarah said...

I love the NOM.NOM.NOM. It made me laugh.

Hope said...

What a smile!

Aleisha said...

Ok, I gotta ask. Would you move to Hawaii again? Is it a great duty station or do you wish you would have gone somewhere else? We are getting ready to pick orders again and were thinking Hawaii for our last tour. But need an inside opinion. Can you help us out?


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