Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Proof I Have Nothing To Blog About.

"Moody Period Romance Kate" Oh Mr Darcy, why won't you love me? Also might have a large cookie stuck in her cheek.


"Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Kate" Tell me those Power Rangers don't look like the floating heads on that show. I went all optical illusion on your behind.


"Godzilla Kate"


"Die muffin. DIE!"


Lisa said...

I like the MST one a lot. Kate, you are a movie star.

sheena said...

that first shot is GORGEOUS.
i love your blog:)

Jen said...

It's totally not obvious that your blog header change was made on very little sleep. Not obvious at all.

Also, must find way to come to Hawaii and squish Kate. A lot. Also crazy thing I noticed- you have cabinets with GLASS doors! That are all ORGANIZED and stuff! You are awesome.

Sarah said...

Wow. You just blew my mind.

And I'm talking about the MST pic, in case you were wondering.

Have you ever seen North and South? I just finished watching it, and I want to watch it again. Your Mr. Darcy pic reminded me of it. Go rent it right now.


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