Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bullets don't kill people, I kill people. Or throw cups at them.

  • Let's jump right in. Do you backup your computer files? Because dammit women, you should. My computer imploded a couple weeks ago and I was thanking the heavens above that I had backed everything up. I use Backblaze--you should too. It's awesome.

  • Computer imploding = no new pictures for you. All pictures in this post where taken by Natalie Norton. Because what is a post without pictures?

  • Oh yeah, we're moving. Not off island, just to a different part. The drive/expense of the area we live in has taken it's toll. Question: Is it harder to move cross country or twenty miles? The Jacobson are about to find out. If you'd like a free* Hawaiian vacation, come help us move.

  • This picture captures my family perfectly. No one is doing was they're supposed to except Blake. Welcome to my everyday.


  • I hate all my clothes. Can I start over? Discuss.

  • Photobucket

  • I got so mad at the dog next door (which I refer to as "That Damn Dog") after it barked for an hour at 3 a.m. that I literally ripped the screen off my window and threw a cup at it. I totally hit it too--take that 3 a.m. barking! If you are my neighbor reading this, I'm not even sorry.

  • Photobucket

    *Free Hawaiian vacation does not include airfare, but does include cheapo pizza on moving day.


    Hope said...

    1. Backup in an excellent idea, and I should do it.
    2. I do love the photo of all four of you. But isn't that one of Colin in your backyard?
    3. and 6. combined - Can I ask for some help with the flight if I agree to kill the dog before you move?
    5. Of course you hate all your clothes - you now have two Targets to shop at. Remind me to tell you about the woman I sat next to in church today.
    6. Already commented on, but will again assist with aforementioned parameters (i.e. you scratch my back...).

    Harmony said...

    Nope, not of Colin in the backyard (although I see how you could think that) It was the semi-abandoned Dole plantation. Hmmmm, wait? Are you trying to say something about my backyard?

    Brandi said...

    The new picture of you on your "about me" is GORGEOUS!!!!!!

    Will you include airfare if I don't eat the pizza? I'll even clean your oven and fridge.

    Sharon said...

    Dang it no air fare I was going to be there. So where are you moving too?

    Crystal said...

    Trust me, you don't want my help moving. My husband kicks me out when there is any kind of box packing...I'm not even allowed to pack for the post office.

    Listen...I know why you're really moving. But it isn't going to work. Josh Holloway is not going to like you being his neighbor...especially if you throw cups at him. XD

    Harmony said...

    Brandi, Duuuuuuuuude I would so pay for your airfare! Damn Blake not being a millionaire. COME ON!

    Sharon, I HAVE to call you!

    Crystal, You figured me out. I found Josh and he's going to be MINE!

    Emi said...

    I don't live next door to you do I?
    where you moving?

    Amanda said...

    Thank you for making me laugh my head off about the stupid dog. Dogs are of the devil.


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