Monday, March 23, 2009

Potty Training: Not For the Weak.

Did you know Blake hasn't been a part of potty training yet? Colin was potty trained when he was deployed to the Middle East (women trying to teach a boy to pee standing up = hilarity)

So he's not down with the constant potty talk, the dances, the potty talk, the rewards, THE CONSTANT POTTY TALK.

Do you need to pee?

Are you peeing right now?


I'm pretty sure my raw sex appeal has never been higher.


Crystal said...

Ainsley went poop in the potty about a month after her second birthday. Cheyenne said, "Yay, she's potty trained!" Mwahaha...I laughed...11 months later she was FINALLY potty trained.

And I just want to pinch her! So cute!

Brandi said...

Wanna come train Amelia? She is flat out refusing to even try.

Will potty trained Ben. We'd been trying with no luck for almost a year. Then the army sent me to Fort Lauderdale, FL for some training (I taught classes for Army Commuity Service). During that week I was away, not only did he get Ben potty trained, but he trained him for overnight as well. Sweet!

Then I potty trained Liam while Will was deployed for a year. He was pretty easy, though. Except wiping. Boys don't like to wipe and it grosses me out.

Amelia, though. She's something else.

Andrew said...

Uggh, not for the weak is right. At this rate I'm wondering if Brian will be out of diapers before he graduates high school.

Emily said...

adorable photo! Potty training is soooo much work! I hate it because you must be %100 devoted which becomes increasingly difficult the more children you have. I'm sending you good potty vibes.

Andrea said...

I love it!! I also love it when my son comes in and says, "Momma, I just poo pooed!!" and we exchange high fives!! Oh...the joys! :)

Marianne said...

Today will go down as the day that I wanted to squeeze someone else's kid's bum. That could be Vivian from behind. Crazy!

Hope said...

Weren't we still concerned about Kate's nudity photos for when she runs for President in 2047?

Your dad got the job of potty-training Josiah - took an entire week off work, and that's all they did.

Des said...

Oh, sorry to hear that you are at THAT stage right now. I hate potty training, with extreme passion!! I got Natalie trained about two months ago and I am surprised I am still around to write about it:0 It was awful! And "NO" girls are not easier then boys. If anyone tells you that just smile and think to yourself "You big LIAR"! Ok, at least it wasn't the case for me. I am savoring the next 7 wks where I still only have 2 in diapers. Good luck, and stay strong!!


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