Thursday, May 21, 2009


Do you have those days where you feel so inspired to write blog posts? List the cute things your kids have said, the projects you've finished and how all around awesome your life is? Yeah, I haven't had many of those days lately.

Not that our new neighborhood isn't awesome (because, hot dog! It IS! It's like some kind of 50's throwback where woman walk large Golden Retrievers and serve their husbands dinner at 5 o'clock on the dot. I'm thinking there must be some sort of dirty underground operation going on. I'll let you know if I find out more) Wait? Where was I? topics.

I just don't seem to have a lot of those. Do you ever get that way? What do you do? My answer is to dig into my Photoshop Bridge and show you pictures I've taken in the past few weeks.

I've had family shoots up the wahzoo (which spell check is telling me isn't a word. Stupid spell check) I've learned in military world there are two busy times for a photographer. Christmas and PCS-ing season (spell check also had a problem with PCS-ing. What's with this thing?)

I've photographed little girls in white dresses playing on the beach.


Birthday parties where we caught grasshoppers and fish. And where I'm pretty sure one of the screaming, shooting boys was actually mine.


Super cute teenagers that make me wish for Kate to be that age, and at the same time terrifying me that someday that will happen.


And then there were season finales! OH, THE FINALES!!! My thoughts about Lost. What is with all the women vacillating? (yeah, I went to college. Holla!) Let's let him do what he wants! No, we must stop him! No, on third thought, we have to help him! It was driving me insane!

Favorite part: Rose and Benard with his Beard of Jungle Living. They are my favorite couple on that show. Rose: "Oh, it's always something with you people!" Rose, give me a high five.

In short, it was confusing and AWESOME! A great finale! What were your thoughts?

Look at that! I just did a whole blog post. Just like THAT! Hey-oh!


Hope said...

I cannot believe how grown-up Colin looks.

Crystal said...

Listen copy cat, Rose and Bernard have ALWAYS been my favorite couple. But no Dollhouse love? Hello! Alpha is the man, the creepy, scary, hilarious, man. And now that we get season two, I'm voting that Mellie come back and she and Paul can have a real relationship instead of a pretend one.

Now, go watch Veronica Mars. Seriously, go. People love it. People you know love it. Really.

Harmony said...

I forgot about Dollhouse! (maybe because I watch it on Hulu and it doesn't feel like real TV!) I'm really excited they renewed it--Alpha is the MAN! "Carrots! Medicinal carrots!"

Brandi said...

Is it weird/creepy/stalkerish that I was ecstatic to see a new post from you today? You could have written about your navel lint and I still would have been happy.

As for Lost...Holy and Crap are the still the only words I can form about it.

Usually I don't like when shows add new characters, but I think Juliet and Ben are better than any of the originals.

Beth said...

You could just do what I do and end up whining on your blog :] But I like posting your photos better.
Your a freaking amazing photographer! I might have to make a secret Hawaii trip just for you to take our pictures. Secret, because I wouldn't tell the hubster the money I spent...

Sarah said...

"They were here when I moved in! And I'm holding them for a friend."
I love Alpha.
And yes, you should go watch Veronica. It's the bomb diggity.

Harmony said...

Beth, You can TOTALLY come vist (and I'll chew on your delicious baby the whole time!) "Diapers" are expensive right?? Book a flight--they're pretty cheap right now!


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