Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I looooove taking pictures.....

....but it seriously cuts into blogging time.









Dasha said...

Yaaaaay! for a new post. I've been missing you. And I love love that you shared some of your photographs. Just beautiful, but of course, I had pretty high expectations for you. The wedding couple is simply amazing. The sky almost doesn't even look real. Wish I could do a photo shoot with you.

Beth said...

I've been missing you tooo! Come to CO and take our pictures... oh wait :] I love your work!!
Hope everything is going well.

Monique said...

Yes it does! And we miss your deep thoughts on candy and aperture. Come back!!

Harmony said...

Oh, I love you ladies!!

The bride/groom sky is real--it POURED afterwards!! I can't wait to start photographing around Colorado!!

Linds said...

Fantastic photos- LOVE them!

Deann B. said...

Great job, Harmony! I especially love the one that is 3 up from the bottom... so cute!

sheena said...

i love these!

nikki said...

I agree - it is great to see you post! but where are you now? you headed to CO next? That isn't any closer to KY!!

Annalisa said...

wonderful. looks like you're taking pointers from deann...LOL.



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