Thursday, July 15, 2010

Road Trip

Hello Internet friends! Boy, has it been quiet around here.

Did I mention we moved to Colorado? We flew to San Diego and then drove through Arizona, Nevada and Utah. I loved every minute of it. The United States has amazing landscapes and small towns--it makes me want to head out in a Winnebago and explore!








Hope said...

Wow - you must be really bored to stoop to updating your blog. Love the photos, however.

Lisa said...

And one of these days, you need to head up the road to Rapid City, SD. You would love it! We will even let you take pictures of us; how can you resist?

Des said...

How exciting! A road trip, a move and a new place to live. Although, leaving Hawaii had to be a little sad. Every move is one chapter closer to retirement right? Love the pictures!! Wish you could have stopped by our place while in Utah. We need a seriously talented photographer to get a good one of all SEVEN of us....seems like the impossible!! I Know YOU could totally do it though.

Monique said...

That is so fun!! And I LOOOOVE CO. I hope you are in Colorado Springs... the best place in the world.

ZAC said...

I love those pictures!!!! And you took aLL OF're so talented. THey could have come from a magazine.


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