Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The one where my husband leaves for three weeks and I almost make out with blueberries.


Did you know how CHEAP produce is here compared to Hawaii?

Did you know how everything tastes DIFFERENT?

Did you know that I made tomato sauce from scratch and almost got naked with it in my kitchen?



*There'd be more pictures, but I suck at this food photography thing. And it was starting to feel porn-y.


Jen said...

Food Porn! Yay!

Is the blender unpacked and ready for action?

Hope said...

There are some advantages to living on the mainland - few, but some.

Deann B. said...

The produce is way cheaper, but it doesn't taste nearly as good as it does in Hawaii. ;)

Marianne said...

Harmony!! Quick! Get the fire extinguisher. Your corn is on fire!!!

Monique said...

And you got the steam?? You are a hot food photographer. Sho nuf. And then there is the watermelon... oh yummo!

Anonymous said...

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Annalisa said...

Yah you suck at food pron. Lol.

Eat it. Then take pictures of the empty plate. Leaves more to the imagination anyway.

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Anonymous said...

You're a riot. And you make me want to try some food porn too...

Anonymous said...

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