Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Getting My Feet Wet.

Hmmmm.....this blog thing has died down for me. Let's try reeving (revering? You know, the sound your car makes. Rrrrrrrrr?)

Because you Friendternets know about my fixation with photos, let's throw some of those in too. To get the (enter car noise here) going.

In the last SEVEN (!) months we've moved to Colorado, I've become a running machine, lost 30 pounds beeyotches, totally fell in love with my family all over again (News flash: My kids are the greatest. Sorry about your duds.)

I love it here. Sure, everyone is high off medicinal marijuana but it's all good.

Begin random picture showing: NOW! (feel free to comment on how big my boobs look and how skinny my waist is. It seems to be an optical illusion going on up in here)

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

That's all you get for tonight. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.


Brandi said...

When I saw "Blog on a Stick" at the top of my blogroll. I was all. "What? Whose blog is that?"

Seriously. It's been so long I'd forgotten.

Also, I'm completely jealous that you've lost 30 pounds. I mean, it's awesome for you, but I still have these 18 pounds that WILL NOT GO AWAY. So, I might have possibly called you a bitch when I read that. But just for a second.

Can I have your fat clothes?

Anyway, yay for being back!

Anonymous said...

Yay!! I had the same reaction as Brandi.

I'm glad you're back.

Emily said...

I'm so glad you're back! I love the photos and cannot believe you had 30 extra pounds to lose?!? You're so tall and thin (except for those massive knockers). Already looking forward to the next post.

Lucy said...

Don't fret, I found your 30 lbs. You're not stationed at Fort Carson are you? Yeah I lived in Colorado Springs for 5 months. Let's see, I absolutely loved it! I discovered trail running, and still is my favorite thing to do. Really. Glad you're back.

Unknown said...

Yay! Harmony's back! Huzzah! More exclamation points!!! This doesn't even make sense!!!

Beth said...

You blogged... yaayyyyy! And you lost 30 pounds... yayyyy! I was so happy when I saw this, you are one of my favorite blogs. Is that weird, I just called you a blog. Okay... you are one of my favorite persons! Ever!

nikki said...

Wonderful photos! an I can't believe how grown up your kids are! well, mine are too (how did that happen!)

ZAC said...

BU--WAHahahahaha!!!! Those are great pics woman! If anything, the height of you and Blake completely trumps the largness of your boobs and the slenderness of your waist. And NO WAY could you have had 30 lbs to lose----wha?! You lookin' fabulous, that's no lie.

Anyway, I must attend to my dud children. Keep the pics comin!

Ariella said...

Does this mean I have to post something new, too...cuz I don't know if I'm ready for that yet. Totally get the revving thing. Turning the key is the first step.

Love the pics and love you!!!

Hope said...

Wow - I think you were missed, girlfriend.


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