Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Broken Record

Here is a list of things I’ve said more than 20 times in the last week while sitting in traffic. This is so you can feel sorry for the two little people sitting in the back seat.

"Dude, that's gross" I don't know what it is with men. I have never, ever just had so much spit in my mouth that I had to hock it out the side of my car. At other drivers. Dude, that's gross.

"I wish I had a Mountain Dew" I'm trying to cut back. Ask me how that's going.

"Why didn't I bring my camera?" Each time I don't have my camera something hilarious happens. Yesterday it was a guy in a motorized wheelchair racing after a teenage kid and trying to smack him with an umbrella. I'll assume they were old friends.

"Did Kate poop?" No comment.

Must. Add. Pictures. Oh, Kate's Gymboree class. Want a hard thing to photograph? Go to a hands-on Gymboree class with 1,203 other 2 year olds, a parachute flung in the air and fluorescent lighting. This is the best I got.


I wanted it stated for the record that her shirt WAS ironed this morning. Then the hour in traffic came.





nikki said...

these are fantastic! and yes I am still reading your posts :) you make me happy

Hope said...

1. You really can't be giving up Mt. Dew, but if you are you better be done with your withdrawal by Monday afternoon.
2. Kate's shirt might have been hung UP without wrinkles, but you will have to prove you actually put an iron to it. And if do iron it, I am going to have to teach you some shortcuts.
3. I want someone to blow bubbles on MY tummy.
4. Thank you for not including EVERything you say while driving, or I would have to put an adult-rating on your blog.

Harmony said...

Mom, yes IRONED. As as done with an iron. Let me guess your shortcuts--don't iron. :-)

Harmony said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

You iron your child's clothes?!! Okay so we actually iron Eliza's clothes as well, just some of them though. You know, like church dresses. A shirt for gymboree? No way! You're crazy! More power to you though. Someone's kids have to look all put together.


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