Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hardest Shot EVER.

And even then it didn't quite work.


Oh well, you get my failure shots too.

(Jen, do you hate me? Bwhaha!)


Harmony said...

I think you did an remarkable job (especially with such a wiggly young man!).

I still think you should do one of these of YOU (with my assistance, of course - sitting fee of $150, duplication efforts $375... maybe I can charge enough to cover my soda consumption over the past three days).

Amanda said...

After trying to read blogs on dial-up, I finally went to the library so I could comment! I love all the pictures you've been posting. I'm sorry you have an Olympic sized void in your life. I didn't get to watch much since we were on the road most of the time. Oh well. There's always 2012!

Marianne said...

are you for real?

Harmony said...

Okay my mom is visiting and was logged in as me! I am NOT talking to myself! Thanks for making me look like a dork, mother!

Hope said...

Harmony, I'm proud of you for finally allowing your schizophrenia persona out. You need to admit that you have a problem in order at address it and get help.

(In reality, yes, I made the first comment, not aware that I was logged in as Harmony, not myself... and it was the voices inside that made me do it anyway)

Monique said...

hey that is pretty darn cool! Your mom rocks BTW. How did you get her to be so tech savvy?


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