Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Weekend In Pictures

Okay the weekend in pictures and a few notes.



Colin talking with Blake during a bath. Can't you just see the manly bonding?


What? Bubble baths are manly.



Kate .25 seconds before she shot me straight in the face with that stream of water.


Kate's new favorite toy. A Buddha statue. Go figure.


Jen said...

Loving the Buddha. So much better than my niece's "Hokey Pokey Hulk" that Eric bought her as a joke a couple weeks ago. Yep- a little green Incredible Hulk that can shake it all about. She has to take it everywhere.
Two year olds have the most discriminating taste.

Andrea said...

I love your pictures! How did you get Kate's hair like that! It's so cute! I love her new toy!! Hope she rubs its belly for good luck.

Emily said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the soft look. Can't wait until Friday when I'm sure you'll explain in detail how you do it! The bubble picture is too precious and I'm loving the buddha! Aren't kids so funny?

Hope said...

I am very honored to meet the great Kate-Buddha. And now that I've seen you actually do Kate's hair, I still don't get it - your fingers fly so fast (and I'm just a little slow) - but she looks great every minute of the day... except, of course, when she first wakes up (for those of you old enough to remember her - Phyllis Diller, watch out!)


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