Saturday, November 15, 2008


Readers, I'm back and I'm READY TO ROCK! Did you miss me? You know you did. Buckle in--I bring you fresh, bullet-y goodness!

  • Christmas family picture season is almost done for me. I got really overwhelmed there. Way more people booked me than I thought would. Yeah, I know--my golden bed also scratches me and my diamond shoes are too tight. It's a rough life.

    These boys were my favorite. I learned some gross new jokes.
  • Blake got stung by a bee. Turns out Blake is allergic to bees. Being the medical doctor that I am, I pronounced he had "the flu" and then spent the rest of the day avoiding him like the plague to keep from getting "the flu". As wife points go, I give myself a 2 out of 10 (the 2 because I did take the kids wherever I was avoiding him from)

  • Colin's kindergarten teacher had her baby. Not huge news for you, but I came this close to jamming this little girl in my camera bag and carrying her home. Wouldn't you?



  • We are still really obsessed with our Halloween costumes here:



  • At photo shoots, I really really like to have kids make funny faces.


  • I have more, but I don't want to overwhelm you today. Now you may write me a comment about how your life was dull and meaningless without me.


Lucy said...

Definitely Dull and Meaningless. But now that you're back I'm off to do crazy wild, meaningful things, like dust the piano!

Monique said...

Phew! I am just glad you are okay... I was getting a little worried there.

Lisa said...

Balance is restored in the universe. Harmony is back.

Those pictures are awesome! I wish you could take one of our family. We would even wear Batman capes if you wanted us to.

Andrea said...

Those boys sure look like "true" boys. The one in the middle even has a cast. That mom must have her hands full!! LOL!!

Poor Blake, I would hate to get stung by a bee and get the flu. LOL!! You are too funny. Hopefully he made it out of that okay.

And what a sweet baby girl. She is beautiful.

nikki said...

I would have stuffed that cute baby into my bag too! I love seeing all your pictures -and laugh at your comments.
Hope Blake is feeling better from his bee sting!

Unknown said...

Nice new background! Okay so maybe it isn't that new. I usually just read my blogs in Google Reader and don't always see the cuteness of the actual blogs. Anyway, I just wanted to say how dull and meaningless my life was without your posts, seriously. Thanks for coming back! Love the baby girl pictures!

Hope said...

Dull and meaningless? Without your blog, there was no hairspray in my can - no light through my night-shades - no caffeine in my Diet Dr. Pepper. Life as we know it lost all meaning, and I was reduced to watching re-runs of "Yo Gabba Gabba."

Now tell me true, did I guilt you into this last night?

Brandi said...

Can you come to Georgia and take pictures of my kids? Wait, never mind--me bringing the kids to Hawaii would be better.

There's something about the light in all your photographs. You could photograph a turd and I bet it would be gorgeous. (Why do I suddenly get the feeling you've been there, done that?).


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