Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday, random Sunday


  • Thank you for the giveaway suggestions--I'll start putting them (yes, multiple!) on Monday. Stay tuned!

  • Blake is home! I can stop sleeping with kitchen knives next to me.

  • A few of our family pictures came in! Our photographer was awesome--my kids loved her. If you're ever in Hawaii and need a photographer.....WAIT A MINUTE! If you're ever in Hawaii, you'd better damn well come to me! Jerk.

  • Photobucket

    *Photo credit: Natalie Norton Photography

  • Are you kidding me that Thanksgiving is this Thursday? Where did November go? Does this mean I have to start Christmas shopping?

  • Dear Person Who Decided To Cancel Pushing Daises: Consider us fighting.


Erin said...

Love the family pics :)

Hope said...

Thanksgiving is not on Thursday. That is way too soon to have to deal with Joy and Wilt in the same house on the same day.

Christmas has also been postponed until at least August 2009.

And I researching ways to effectively scream about possible cancellation of 'Pushing Daises' - I will keep everyone posted.

Crystal said...

Your kids are so always. :)

I hate ABC. No wait, I hate the whole tv institution that decided that Nielson's boxes were the way to go. Have you ever met someone that had one? Blech...stupid ABC and all your cohorts that cancel any show I love.

Lucy said...

I don't even want to talk about my photographer. Please come and take pictures for me....

Slavka said...

What?!?! Pushing Daisies was canceled!?!?! I have been away from my DVR for too long...


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