Tuesday, July 15, 2008


You guys, my blog is GONE! GONE!

I tried to update and everything is GONE! Excuse me while I go cuss. Violently.

Update: So all the posts are gone from Blogger, but wonderful Amanda emailed me most of the posts from her Google Reader. Hurrah! Thanks Amanda! Quick, everyone go back up your files NOW!


Lucy said...

Oh NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHat happened????????????????? I only have two entries for you, o.k. now I'm freaking out, how did it happen?? There are no words to describe this frustration!!!!!!!!! Oh I hope you can get the entries back....

Amanda said...

Well, unless you fixed it, I can still see all your blog posts in my Google reader. So if you can't manage to get them back through blogger I can maybe get them for you. Just let me know!

Hope said...

Unite, dear blog friends, unite and weep
For that part of dear Harmony that's a geek
Her blog was good, her goals were fine
Then she went and blew her mind
By somehow deleting the files that lay
In archives and were designed to stay.
We mourn their loss, we mourn their end,
And hope against hope somehow they'll mend.
We pray to the Ethernet Gods of Microsoft
To soften their hearts and find a spot
In that big coaxial cables up in the sky
Where not all her postings have gone to die.

(Best I can do before 7 a.m. - still pretty sad)

Monique said...

you are kidding me! How did this happen????? I REALLY hope you get everything back. That makes me sad for you. . . cuss all you want.

Monique said...

go Amanda! fix it! Fix it!

Emily said...

I have a friend that had a similar problem. She emailed google and was able to get everything back. Good luck!

Hope said...

Amanda, you are the GREATEST. I got in the habit of hitting 'SAVE' constantly when I lived in Hawaii (read 'frequent power outages'), and I've been printing out my blog entries and putting them into my DayTimer. And Harmony, I'm working on clearing up yours.

Jen said...

Why is there no swearing in this post?? I think this totally warrants massive amounts of obscenity.


*unless, of course, blogger can fix this. In which case, blogger does NOT suck.

Emily said...

I keep checking back so see if they've magically appeared. I hope you are able to get EVERYTHING back!


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