Friday, July 18, 2008

The One Where I Get Overly Sentimental About Shoes

Oh internets, I'm a shoe hog. I'm trying to list these baby shoes of Kate's and Colin's on eBay and now. i. don't. want. to. I think the winning bidder would have to send me an itemized list of why they deserve these fabulous shoes and a slice of Kate's and Colin's babyhood.

So, at the risk of Blake killing me, I'm NOT selling these on eBay. I'm going to hoard them away and then take them out when my babies tell me they're moving away/engaged/need bail money.


Tell me you have shoes hidden away too.

(My photoshoppers--did you know about TEXTURES? Just figured them out and love them. Maybe a little too much.)


Amanda said...

I've been going through all of our stuff getting ready to move and I have dug up all these old baby clothes and such. I hate to get rid of them, but I know I'll never need them again. I'm sure I'll regret getting rid of it all some day (when I'm paying bail :) ) but for now it just clutters up my life. So I give it one last look and shove it in a box as fast as I can so I don't change my mind. Sigh. They grow up so fast.

Jen said...

It's the Converse. I just can't quit them. Except- what size does Kate wear? I may be able to tear myself away from a pair or two knowing that they are going to a good home (I won't make you write me an essay about how you will love & care for them, I promise.)

Now that the girls are older & have smellier feet, I am having a much easier time letting go.

(I do hold very tightly to the very small patent leather dress shoes from when they were tiny babies. And maybe the teeny ballet shoes from their first dance class. But that's all, I think!)

ALSO- I am going today to look for a pattern like the dress Kate is wearing in the last post. My niece has the same-ish one. How hard could it be, right? RIGHT? S

Sarah said...

Those are so cute! I have a tiny pair just like them that Dale used to wear. Oh tiny shoes, how I love thee...

Hope said...

I completely agree with the submission of essays (essaies? essayes?) describing what the proposed purchasers intend to do with shoes.

In fact, I will present the first one:

If allowed to purchase these shoes, they will be displayed in a glass showcase, dusted regularly, and paid homage to daily as once belonging to Colin and Kate Jacobson. Guided tours will only be allowed on alternate Thursdays in months ending with the letter 'r', with no flash photography.

Let me know.

Sharon said...

Oh harmony I'm so sorry I just read about your blog being gone, I'm so sorry. How did that happen???

Unknown said...

Oh I love baby shoes! I know that we're not going to be able to throw out or give away Eliza's shoes because I just love them too much and they're part of her childhood.

Lucy said...

I don't hang on to too many things... BUT, there's a few special little things I must keep. So you just hang on to them! And I totally get the "Friends" connection with the title of this blog entry - is there a bonus for me for recoqnizing this??


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