Friday, August 21, 2009

Guess who?

So I'm in the process of backing up our old pictures (again) (do you back your pictures up? You'd better!) and was dying over these pictures of my kids. Can you guess which is which?

*before you think you're too clever for me, just remember Colin was supposed to be a girl until the day he was born so we were pretty loose with the "this is a boy outfit vs. girl outfit" for awhile.

*this was also on FILM!?! Remember film? Take the picture, wait a week, go get the picture? I don't miss it at all!






Blake said...

Kate, Colin, Colin, Kate. I hope Im right or I am the worlds worst dad. But in fairness, I really didnt see Kate a whole lot as a baby. I love that two tooth grin of Colin's. Havent seen that in so long. Very cute.

So I have to say, how cute is Harmony. I am on travel right now and havent seen the kids for over a week so she has been posting the recent pictures of the kids for me. Seriously, best wife ever!!!!

Harmony said...

Nice job, Blake!! There's no fooling you (although admit it--did you have to think about #1?)

P.S. See? I publish comments. Nice comments. ;-)

P.P. S. Yes, I'm pretty amazing. Thanks for telling everyone.

Hope said...

Oh my, I got them wrong - I was certain the last one was Colin!!

Chelle said...

Love all the baby pics... but the last one with Kate's creamy skin, pinky, pouty lips & double chin is absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful kiddos.

Crystal said...

that picture of Colin with pursed lips is the bestest thing ever. I know you have your nom nom cheeks thing, but I just want to...I dunno, but he's adorable. (as is Kate, but those lips take the spaghetti, or whatever he's eating. )


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