Wednesday, August 5, 2009

No Way.

No way. No way has it been 2 1/2 weeks since I've posted. Those dates are wrong. Blogger is so lying to you. Which is something I would never do.

We've had birthdays up the wahzu. Colin's, Kate's and Blake's. Did I take pictures of them? WHAT? You'll have to repeat yourself. Oh, I'm losing you.....the....connec....not....goodby......

I've exploded with summer reading. You should read this book--it's my new favorite.

I know I've complained about this before, but I'm kind of overrun with photo shoots. I feel like I'm pretending--I'm not really a photographer. It's like I'm holding up a toy rocket ship screaming, "HEY! Now I'm an astronaut!"

Good thing the families are really, really ridiculously good-looking.


I can't stand it! So cute! A wuzza wuzza! NOM! NOM! NOM!


Colin's what would happen if a can-can girl took a sudden and intense interest in soccer. Also she'd have to be into junk-grabbing. Whether or not he makes contact with the ball is questionable, but you've got to sit back and admire that form.



We had our church camp.

During the course of the week one of the members was teasing her husband about them not being pregnant. He proceeds to yell across the whole camp "A MAN CAN ONLY MAKE SO MANY DEPOSITS AT THE BANK IN ONE DAY!" I'm pretty sure my ass is still at camp, because I. Laughed. It. Off.

Here's the group camping closest to us. Of course, I'm taking the pictures so I drew myself in. Awwww, Blake and I look so good together.


I've been forced volunteered to learn a Maori dance & song for a upcoming show. Okay, since we're being honest here, I'm totally tickled that I get to do anything like this. White girls--we don't do the dance so good. Here's a similar dance; I can handle this right? Although I'd rather be doing the Haka. (growl)

Did I mention there were photo shoots?


But to be honest?


I kind of love it.


Unknown said...

I loved that book! It was so good! The new pictures are awesome. I love the coloring in all of your work. Your ward camp looks so cool!

Unknown said...

For another great read, try out "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak.

Brandi said...

I really should have been born a Pacific Islander. They appreciate their chubby women. And I could wear a muumuu and and eat pineapple all day.

And please, please promise to post a video of you doing the dance. Really, I don't think my life will be complete if I don't get to witness that.

Monique said...

Oh that is great! I would have loved to be there to hear that. I'm glad you are okay. I gotta tell you, I WAS worried. If the police show up at the door just tell them they got the wrong house. ;)

Ariella said...

Gorgeous pics. You know your posts are deceiving. I was like, cool a short post.

...20 minutes later...

I'll have to go pick up a few new reads. Thanks ladies.

Are you kidding me? Surfing at girls camp? Do you at least sleep in tents?


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