Thursday, December 10, 2009

"That's What She Said"

Check out some of our family pictures at our fabulous photographers blog!


Deann B Photography Blog

Tell me what you think--although I'm holding strong at "AWESOME!"

PS If you are in San Diego and want aweeeeeesome pictures, look her up. Yeah, I'm talking to YOU!


Brandi said...

Wow, maybe you really are fatter than me.

I hope you have the next to last one (the black and white of you and Blake) blown up and framed somewhere. It's the best picture ever, of anyone.

(And you know I'm completely kidding about the fatter thing, right? Freakin' beanpole.)

Monique said...


Harmony said...

Brandi, You KNOW you totally offended me for the two seconds it took me to get to the "just kidding" part of the comment. You were on thin ice there, woman.

Sharon said...

Your pictures are awesome! I checked her out will you pay for me to have her take our picture, All I need is one. WHY DON'T YOU LIVE HERE ANYMORE???? Maybe we could use her sometime in the future.

Annalisa said...

Yes, I saw them. Deann told me at work she'd posted. Hurray! They are so much fun and happy. Love it. Smiles!!! Have a great Christmas!

Linds said...

Awesome! Love the photos!

Beth said...

That looks like it was the most fun photoshoot ever! You know... we're going to be sealed in the San Diego temple... I'll have to look her up!!! :]

Annette said...

Beautiful family! Beautiful photos!

Harmony said...

Thanks everyone! Each and every comment has made my day!

Beth--you should TOTALLY look her up. She's awesome!


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