Thursday, September 4, 2008

Girls Night In

Babies after baths rule, don't they?




Loving my squishy baby girl tonight.


Marianne said...

Now, how would you like it if someone called you squishy?

You look great by the way.

Monique said...

Love your hair! Did you set up a tripod or did Blake take these? Love those smell-good, squeaky clean, TIRED babies, after a fun-time bath.

Harmony said...

Thanks ladies! My mom is visiting and took these--thanks mom!

Hope said...

And you will be receiving my bill shortly - payable by Kate hugs, Colin kisses, free board, and late-night viewings of "Project Runway."

Jen said...

Holy HAIR- how fast does that stuff grow?

Enjoy the squishy, because pretty soon she'll be FIVE and totally not want you to walk her to class on her first day of school and then you might have to cry a little, because you're a total freaking wuss.

Not that I know from experience or anything.


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