Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hawaiian rainstorms are amazing. The sky opens and massive buckets of water pour down. Half the time the sun doesn't even stop shining--that's how we get so many rainbows.

Today both my kids danced outside in the rain (and in their underwear--would you expect any less from me?)

Hmmm...I'm really liking Hawaii today.


Side note: Why am I writing my titles like .this.? Do you ever get sick of thinking of blog titles? .discuss.


Brandi said...

So, it's like Lost rain?

Lisa said...

.yes. I definitely get sick of thinking of titles- I mean, it has to be something that will live up to the world's lofty expectations of my wit and wisdom!

Great picture, by the way.

Beth said...

I love this picture!!!!! and I just started blogging....and I already am sick of titling them :]

Harmony said...

Brandi--it's SO Lost rain. The same rain that gives Sawyer his wet T-shirt contest look. Ooooooooooooh!

Monique said...

You and your Lost. I would like to start, but I hate to just be like, huh? all the time. B&W rocks.

Kerry said...

I hate titles but I love Hawaii rain. I miss it. Send some "sunshowers" my way?!

Hope said...

I LOVE thinking of blog titles, but know that I am in the minority on this. To me, that's half the fun of posting my blog.

I must admit that I am missing Hawaii's rain and humidity - my lips and hands are cracking being back here in Arizona! Beth & Body Works, stock up because I'm coming back!


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