Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where is it? WHERE?

For those of you paying attention (or with Google Reader) Yes, there was a blog post before the Target one (but who cares? Target?! Wooooweeeeee!!!).......Ahem.

Kate was left alone with Blake's computer for about ten minutes during which I'm pretty sure she deleted blog entries. And found a hardcore porn site. Not kidding.

Sorry! Leave your thoughts about that post here if you'd like!!


Brandi said...

I thought you just got a case of blogret (bog+regret. I made that up all by myself!) and deleted it deliberately.

So, does this mean you never got my long and rambling comment about how moving to a crappy, dingy, tiny house has been therapeutic?

Anonymous said...

Target how exciting, I remember there is really nothing out there. Yeah! And mmmm, that's not good about kate her new bad habits, starting so young. Mmmm...I know some good parent control programs to help her stop her new founded habit. :-) I hope it didn't do anything to your computer. You know it doesn't take much, isn't it your blog that you slightly type wrong and you get porn? Why can I not post like normal??? I had to do it annonymos. Sharon

Hope said...

But it sounded like a blog about you freaking out and I LOVE hearing when you freak out because it makes me feel so much better when I freak about something which from a reasonable distance appears quite silly and mundane.


Hope said...

Kate is simply editing your contributions and keeping you on course.

Hope said...

Kate is simply editing your contributions and keeping you on course.

Emily said...

Aren't kids sooo helpful? I'm starting to get nervous right now, because it's very quiet up there!


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