Sunday, November 23, 2008

Contest Time!

I'm ready to do a contest giveaway on my blog this coming week. But FIRST--I'm going to be lazy and have you readers come up with suggestions of something to give away. Oh!! and how to go about judging the winner (personally, I'm thinking of judging based on their shoes)

Ideas, ideas, ideas? Bring them on!


Christina said...

My first comment on your blog and I don't think you're ready for it... I want Kate's bee shoes! Oh, they are sooo adorable! My littlest desperately needs a pair!
I also love the paper lanterns you make. I am so uncrafty.

The Galan Family said...

How about a pineapple or some chocolate covered macadamia nuts. You know, the typical Hawaiian tourist gifts. Or you could make one of your adorable tutus! Or you could fly out to someone's house and do a family photo shoot! Okay, I know I am really stretching it, but a girl can dream right? Oh, and about my shoes, they are freakin cute, unless ugly shoes are the criteria. Not sure how you'll do this. But I'll be checking back :)

Brandi said...

Ummm, an all expense paid trip for 5 to Hawaii for a free family photo shoot with you?

Or I'd settle for a couple of tutus...

Please don't judge it on shoes. I mainly have to stick to barfy looking Crocs. Give a sister a break.

Lisa said...

Okay, I cannot take credit for this idea- but a few months ago Ben & Jerry's ice cream got reamed by PETA- who said they should be using breastmilk instead of cow's milk to make their ice cream!! Seriously. No, really. Seriously.

So my friend had a contest on her blog to see who could come up with the best 'breastmilk ice cream' name. Some of the winners were 'Booble Gum', 'Tit Roof Sundae' and 'Fudge Nipple'. My contribution was 'Reese's PB Double-D Cup'.

Anyway, I thought that was a cool contest. Her prize was a dozen homemade Christmas cards. Maybe you could give away a tutu or something? Man, you are lucky to have a friend as helpful as I'm being today.

Monique said...

Tutu it is! right? Please? Well, my first choice was a trip to Hawaii, too, but Brandi and Sarah beat me to it. Think about it. It's super light and wouldn't be much shipping, right? So the contest should be the one who knows all the capitals in Europe, or can say "Do you know where the bathroom is?" in Hungarian.


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