Sunday, November 16, 2008



I love: dogs, the ocean, Crocs, doing things "on my owns", Leonardo The Terrible Monster, flannel blankets, jumping, The Office theme song, dancing, brownie batter and tutus.

I dislike: sleeping, blender noises, public restrooms, clothing, Grave Digger toys and drains.

I am loud. I am fast. I am obsessed with my brother. I am strong. I am easily persuaded to be happy. I am unforgettable.

I am two. Hear me roar.


Hope said...

What a great description of Kate.

Monique said...

Is it her b-day? What a cutie!

sheena said... LOVE your blog!!! so so happy you found me:)

Jen said...

Kate and I are EXACTLY alike.

Please send her to live with me forever immediately.


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