Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Mostly this post is to get that freaky berry thing off the top of my page. But I've also been working on the kids Halloween costumes and want to know what you, my Internet peeps, are going to be for Halloween? Or are you just too adult for that?

This one is going to be a bee. With a tutu. Duh.


And this?


Well, this is just funny.


Lisa said...

My boys are going to be Buzz Lightyear and Woody. I got the costumes on the Disney Store online outlet for $12.50 each!! Of course, I am a dork and bought them in July. As for me and Andrew . . . probably nothing. I don't mind dressing up, but Andrew does!

Jen said...

Ella wants to be a cat... with a tutu. A Princess Ballerina Scaredy Cat. And she came up with that one all by herself, can you believe it?

Slavka said...

Ryan and Isabelle are going to be Dr. Evil and least today...Ryan seems to change his mind more often than his boxers....
I have no idea what I am going to be- (is 2010 too old for that??) I am helping out with the Halloween party at Ryan's school and costumes are REQUIRED...for EVERYONE.

Monique said...

So Brandon and I are going to a Halloween party and you have to pay if you are not dressed up. Since B is cheap, we are going as pirates! aaaarg! At least this year it is not me that is coaxing him to wear something. :) Oh, Dylan will be a monkey and the two girls are going to be princess somethings. You mean I have to think about them too? oops.

Unknown said...

We're going traditional. I'm going to be a witch and Eliza is going to be my black cat. Brian hasn't really jumped on the bandwagon yet, but he's going to be a wizard.

Hope said...

When I was still in the work force, every year I would wear an old, comfortable flannel nightdress, have my hair in curlers, and carry a blanket and a teddy around all day.

But now I can do that for real every single day!

Maybe I'll copy Jim Halpert and simply be three-hole punch Hope - if I end up going somewhere for Halloween (hey, are Beth and Bruce going to be with you for Halloween?).

Kylene said...

Michael has been begging me for years now to make him a witch costume. Witch not wizard...So this year I caved and am making Mike and Mada witch costumes, but Mike's fabric seems to resemble Mickey's apprentice costume a tad more than Mike knows :P And poor Jake will be stuck with hand me downs. He'll be a pea in a pod. I just make myself PJ pants with Halloween prints.


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