Saturday, September 13, 2008

How I Spent My Birthday

Subtitled: How I Gained Twelve Pounds And Made An Idiot Of Myself

Went with these cute boys...

Photobucket see this odd play.

(where we were NOT ALLOWED to take pictures. But I did, because I live on the edge. And because I didn't use my flash, so no one knew. Yeah, I was really sticking it to the man)


Saw LOST being filmed. Did not take pictures because was hanging out the school bus in a dignified manner screaming "I love you Sawyer!"

Had forbidden Dairy Queen treats. Took Colin along for the sugar ride.


Found this hot guy. Went with him to a luau.


Did I mention there was a sugar ride happening?


Made weird headdress thingies. Guess they have to have the white people doing something around here.


Ate luau food until I passed out.

The End.


Jen said...

So, Happy Birthday and all- but mostly HOW did you get such a good shot INDOORS in crappy lighting at that crazy play? You are AWESOME.
Also, birthdays are calorie-exempt. You can eat whatever you want & actually LOSE weight. Besides- didn't you just hula them all away at the Luaua(auau- whatever, vowels)? Isn't that what they make the skinny white kids do at those shindigs?
ANYWAYS- seriously... Happy Birthday!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like a good one.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday!! We love you! Your blog is in my top 5 btw. I like it a lot.

Hope said...

I want to know who the hot guy is, and where you dumped Blake for the evening?! ;-)

Andrea said...

Happy birthday!! It looks like some sugary fun!! That drink looks wonderful!! Maybe for the next hurricane I should evacuate to your house!!! :) Maybe??

Des said...

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like an awesome time. Am I aloud to say that the picture of Blake IS really good?? Sugar was put here for consuming it. No worries especially on your birthday.

nikki said...

well - i am so proud of you! I would have been right beside you yelling at Sawyer!


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