Friday, September 19, 2008

It's All In The Family

Yesterday my mom went insane and decided to take me up on the repeated begging to take our family pictures (because I can count on one hand the pictures that all of us are in) Here are some of the results:

Colin's face here? Priceless.





You are a brave, brave woman Mom. I'm sure I'm out of the will but wasn't it worth it? You are awesome.


Readers, I'll put outtakes on the photoshoot later this week. You will pee your pants laughing. We did.

Also I'm not quite sure why Kate didn't have shoes. We thought her pink Crocs would totally flow until we got to the beach. Amateurs.


Des said...

Love your pictures!!! The first ones my favorite. You always sound so happy when your moms there. Can she just move in with you? Or maybe Blake wouldn't think thats the greatest idea. No matter how much he likes her. The fam is beautiful and you all look happy and healthy...what more could you want?

Amanda said...

Your method of family picture taking is much better than ours. I went with the tripod/timer method. That was a challenge, let me tell you!

Lisa said...

Great pictures!! I guess you get your talent from your mom. That is awesome. Can't wait to see the outtakes . . .

Sharon said...

Those are awesome, they look so good. I'm so glad your mom is there, because I would be foregetting what you look like. I love the one of you and Blake kissing, it's such a great photo.

Andrea said...

Oh I think your mom did a great job!! I love Collin's face!! LOL!! My oldest gets all grossed out when I kiss my husband!! Hee hee I like it!!


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