Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Things I Learned In The Library:

I am the parent volunteer in Colin's school library. This position has taught me two things:

1. Kids like to pick their noses when they are bored.

2. Kids are bored a lot in the library.

The upside is since I'm a volunteer, I can play with the kids without much responsibility (which hopefully detracts from the nose-picking) Colin also announces to his entire class "This is my MOM!" which just kills me. Thank goodness this little man is not a nose picker.


Taken on my iPhone in the library. Pretty good for a phone, right?

So, got any nose picker stories? Come on, gross us out.


Lisa said...

No, but I did used to work at a couple of different libraries, so I do have library-related stories. Provo library was basically a 'half-way house'- I got to know many homeless men which was interesting! One of them was a Tarot card reader. One was writing a series of books about the supernatural. Most of them would sleep a lot. They were pretty cool guys. Hey, I liked them better than the parents who would drop their small children off at the library for HOURS- we had to call the police a couple of times to get kids at 9:30 pm because the parents still hadn't shown up. STUPID JERKS!!!

Monique said...

Today at my NAWA playgroup (North American Woman's Association) there was a little boy that sneezed on a little girl and he blew his snot on her arm. She put her arm (snot included) to her mouth before her screaming mother got to her. ew! ew! ew!

Unknown said...

What I've learned as a Sunbeam teacher:

They pick their noses a lot and stick the little boogys in their mouth even when I am shaking my head at them and mouthing "no" during sharing time.

Emily said...

I should have a million stories, but I'm drawing a blank. WTG on being a volunteer- I just signed up to cut stuff out at home, and donated a bunch of boxes of Kleenex- maybe I should take some to the library too:)

Hope said...

If I was the type of person who would embarrass someone with particular stories about when THEY were four or five, this would be the correct forum.

However, since I am also staying with one such person who might put me out on the streets to live for the couple of weeks I still have here, I will pointedly refrain from doing any such thing.

I will only to mention that almost all young children go through the nose-picking stage, and most adults stop before 30... if they are female, that is.

With men, it's a hopeless cause (no pun intended), and can only be slightly modified by a diligent wife to not be completely obvious.

You are welcome.


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