Sunday, September 14, 2008

She's Staying!

My mom's staying for TWO more weeks. We are pretty excited around here. She's just that awesome.



Andrea said...

It looks like you really had to twist her arm to get her to stay!! :) I love it when my mom visits!!! Hope you two have fun!!

Hope said...

Awesome swesome - you just like having someone to eat ice cream and watch "Whose Wedding Is This Anyway?" after midnight with you.

Besides, we now have a quest - find out where "Lost" is being filmed and go get shots of Sawyer.

Lisa said...

Luck-eeeee! I wish my mom could come visit me!

Erin said...

Looking good mom! I miss ya!

Jen said...

Are you sure she'll be able to survive all the smooshy-grandchildren and beachy paradise torture?? She is one brave woman!

(Your diabolical plan looks like it is succeeding- she will NEVER go home! NEVER! *insert evil laugh here*)

Sarah said...

Your mom is hilarious! I loved the comment she left on my blog. And I love that you guys went on a quest to find Sawyer. Do you think she'll adopt me?

Hope said...

I have decided that you either have to delete this photo or PhotoShop it to where I lose at least four inches off that waist.

And maybe have a cute surfer surfer sitting on my lap to cover it up - yeah, that sounds better, I'll go with the surfer.


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