Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Online Auction

To start earning money for this lens, I'm going to start an online auction.

Starting off, receive a personalized "How To Work It Like A Supermodel" class taught by our own Kate Jacobson. Nudity is not required, but is encouraged.


Starting bid is $100. Any takers?

Work it, girl.


Hope said...

I'll sign up for Kate's class, but is the wearing of diapers and sleeping with flannel blankets an essential part of the course?

I'm not objecting, I just to make certain before I go out and purchase Depends and blankies, so let us know.

Aleisha said...

BEAUTIFUL PICTURE! WOW!!! Looks like you don't need the lens, but good luck. =o)

Sharon said...

that's a really great picture. So can you give me an hints on how to take some good pictures of my kids, i think I'm going to forgo the expensive not so impressive school pictures this year and do my own. I need to print some you did but I want some more recent, you know do go with this is what they looked like starting school.

Ariella said...

This pic is amazing! Kate is so gorgeous! Just like her mommy. It's good to finally see some pictures of you on your blog. ;) Glad your mom is there. :)



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