Monday, September 8, 2008

An Open Letter

Dear Harmony,

When I snuck into your makeup drawer this morning to wish you an early happy birthday, I never expected such an undignified response. Screaming? Swearing? Really? Weren't you just telling Colin we are nothing to be afraid of? Don't expect any future visits from me. I know where I'm not wanted.

Good day.

-Bartholomew G. Gecko, Jr.

P.S You need to buy more mascara.



Ariella said...

What a cool photo! Have you done many pets? He's so cute!

Harmony said...

He IS cute, isn't he? I felt like a dolt screaming since he was just a baby. In the process of getting him out of the house he peed all over my Terminix bill--which I thought was strangely appropriate.

Sarah said...

So, just to clear things up, you wouldn't have felt like a dolt screaming if he were a full-grown gecko? Do they get big, sharp teeth in adulthood?
Just kidding Harmony! Happy Birthday btw -hope you get better presents than gecko pee!

Unknown said...

He is cute! I would have probably freaked out too though. I mean, little gecko still equals big critter to me. He's like 100x bigger than most spiders and they all freak me out.

Happy birthday on Friday! I hope I got that day right.

Jen said...

What? They pee on stuff? That's totally not cool.

You know what's wierd? The longer I look at it, the more it looks less cute and more pest-like. Huh.

Monique said...

I LOVE Geckos! We just caught one here the other day. Surprisingly Haley wasn't even scared of her... yes, we named her Princess Pest. :) I used to catch them all the time in Mexico growing up... they must be everywhere!

Aleisha said...

He has a cousin that lives with me. He would have scared the kid out of me if it was time. Little suckers are fast and freaky. Snakes with legs man! Snakes with legs!

Des said...

um, not cute and there is no LOVE in my vocab for Gecko's, lizards, frogs...but Like you I would have been kicking myself for showing the kids my fear which by the way would have been above 100%. Your make-up drawer? That is personal, important no little critter zone. KEEP OUT! Not cool. I'm sorry.
Seriously if one of those visits my make-up drawer. I guarentee you will hear my scream/swear words all the way over in Hawaii. Love the picture of Colin and yourself. Very sweet, very memorable moment. Glad to hear your mom's up for a visit. That is always fun for us too.

Adhis said...

Fantastic letter! Geckos are so polite even when miffed. I am inspired to write more geckoly.

nikki said...

so happy birthday! only a true photographer would think to get the camera in a panic ridden state like that.


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