Thursday, September 11, 2008

Reign of the Tutu

I'm not used to this. This particular attachment little girls have to one item of clothing--in Kate's case, her tutu (shout-out to tutu maker Jen)

With Colin, all clothing has to pass one test: "Can I be a race car in this?" Size 6, race car ability: check.


I've got to hand it to her though. It is pretty bitchin'.


Monique said...

Photo shop run amok? It turns the color she WANTS it to be? um, lighting? Discussion over. There is a lady that sells tutus here for WAY expensive and people buy them. hum. I want two, but not for too-too much. :) I crack myself up! Imagine if you blogged all your own comments in order. I think it would be funny. Discuss!

Harmony said...

Monique--I should just leave your comments and everyone will think you're NUTS! I corrected the color thing (because that's just how anal I am) and so I took the comment off. But you and I will know what we're talking about, sista!

You have to make your own tutus! Tulle is the cheapest fabric on the planet!

Jen, tell her it's EASY!

Hope said...

I would be AGHAST about a granddaughter of MINE wearing a pink tutu - but since she's naked otherwise and doing serious damage with those crayons, it's okay.

Jen said...

WOOO!!! TULLE! I L-O-V-E Kate. She is awesome. She needs more tutus. My mad tutu skillz have improved exponentially since this attempt- I guess I will have to come to Hawaii and make more.

Also, tutu-making- SO HARD. DO NOT ATTEMPT. Just send me lots of money to do it for you.

Sarah said...

Don't worry Harmony, we already think Monique is nuts! hee hee. Also, I tagged you on my blog. I'm dying to know what your quirks are.

Andrea said...

I love her pink tutu. Now, I would have to think really long and hard if I would ever go out in just a tuto, but maybe it helps her with her artistic ability.
*Her hair is cute!! *

Monique said...

I'm not nuts, just photoshop challenged... So you did fix it! Wow the colors match exactly now! So, new Friday Photoshop lesson, right?

Oh my heavens. What's up with the moderation? vwcwkgbwqrpl . . now that is nuts

Monique said...

P.S. You can't get tulle here. weird huh? At least that is what THEY say. :)

Emily said...

so cute! I love the artwork too. I have to say I've loved the recent photos of you and blake and Happy Birthday to you!

Lisa said...

Hey butt-kicker!!! I can't believe your blog has been out there all this time and I'm just now seeing it. Cool! I would like to know why on earth all your photos look so freaking professional??? Holy crap, they are amazing. See ya lady!


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