Saturday, September 6, 2008

Right or wrong?

Am throwing a baby shower today. Is it wrong to be very, very excited about these tissue paper balls I made?


It is also wrong to have made dirty "blue balls" jokes about it all day long?


Monique said...

I'm assuming it's a boy? I'm totally offended. . . how do you make them so that I can do the same thing?

Harmony said...

It is a boy (or it better be after all those jokes!)

I found it at

(sorry! Got all that?)

Yes, it's Martha but it's super easy and inexpensive. I'm thinking of doing some of these in Kate's room with girly colors (and less off color jokes, right?)

Harmony said...

If anyone cares, I only used half the length Martha wants for those balls. And they say size matters--ha! Oh, I'm doing it again.

Sarah said...

You're so naughty.
And crafty!
You should start some kind of business incorporating those two. Hmmmm.... bad visuals...

Jen said...

Dangling blue balls... so many jokes.

Jennifer said...

Haha, okay now I know not to read Harmony's blog on Sunday. Spirituality? Not here! =D


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